Google RDP Method – 32 GB RAM

This Google RDP/Instance is valid for 40min. So best for temporary purposes and testing stuff.

Google RDP Method

Google RDP Method 2022 – 32 GB RAM

  1. Go to QwikLabs GCloud Training and sign up using any TempMail (
  2. After sign up check TempMail inbox for activation link and sign in. Make sure to check to Remember Me Box
  3. Go to | | And use code “1q-analytics-67”
  4. Go to | | and click Start Trial and use Credits.
  5. Wait for it to start and then click go to the console.
  6. Login using the info given by the website and Boom you have access to cloud console for 40 mins.
  7. Now create A instance and use it for 40 mins Note: The RDP/Account will be deleted after 40 mins Method
IF YOU GET ANY ERROR, here is more explained

(Click on Catlog > Google Cloud Essentials > A Tour of Qwiklabs and the Google Cloud Platform).

Make sure to sign out first then hit the link I shared above in the steps.Once you logged in, you will get 5 credits.Then just perform the lab first of the quest, once you end the lab you’ll get one month pass first you will see this now after completing all above steps you got credits and now you will see this

Google rdp Method 32 GB RAM
google cloud rdp method 2022

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