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Hide your IP address to protect your online privacy

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How to Hide your IP address to protect your online privacy

protect your online privacy

Our online privacy has become very important and over time there are more and more stories of people who have fallen victim to identity theft or cyber attack so you should learn how to protect yourself by learning how to hide your IP address.

How to hide or change my IP address and protect your privacy on the Internet

Your IP address is a unique string of decimal numbers that reveals detailed information about your device and geographic location. Your IP address can also be seen by anyone on the Internet, which makes you vulnerable to hacking. Fortunately, there are ways to hide your IP address and protect your privacy by allocating a different IP address.

What is the IP address?

An IP is a unique numeric address assigned to each device on the Internet, a list of TCP/IP to communicate with other devices. It is used to identify a part of the hardware within the network and to determine the address of the site.

Devices assigned an IP address include computers, phones, printers, routers, and other systems that connect to a network.

What information can you get from someone's IP address

Each IP address consists of a unique set of numbers. These numbers are divided into two parts and can tell us sensitive information about the user.

The first part indicates which networks the IP address belongs to. The second part determines the exact location of the user. And just by looking at your IP address, people can tell where you live and steal your identity. And of course, you wouldn't want people to know where you were when you used the network. And to protect your identity, you need to know how to hide your IP address.

How to hide or change your IP address to protect your privacy on the Internet

If you value your privacy and hate online censorship, masking your IP address is very important to protect you from Internet providers, government agencies, hackers and advertisers from seeing all your online activities and information. Therefore there are several ways to hide an IP address. Below we will mention the most common of these methods:

Hide IP addresses with a VPN

One of the easiest ways to hide IP addresses is through the use of VPNs. Or a virtual private network, a tool that uses protocols to encrypt and decrypt data. With a VPN, your IP address is hidden and your internet data is encrypted. This protects your browsing activity and allows you to access restricted and geo-blocked websites.

Among the best VPN software today are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark. You can set them up and use them in a jiffy and put your mind at ease with a secure connection and a more private online browsing.

Hide IP addresses using proxy

Proxy services mask your IP address and provide you with a different one. It does this by directing your web activity through multiple servers and IP addresses. And since it can connect you to any server in the world, a proxy is very effective at hiding your IP address so you can circumvent IP geo-restrictions.

Keep in mind that some proxy servers can be used maliciously to insert ads into your browser or spy on your website activities. Therefore, VPNs are the best choice for their security and protection.

Hide IP Addresses Using Tor Browser

TOR is a free service that enables you to connect to a network of anonymous servers to get a new IP address which is very similar to how VPNs work.

However, TOR is known to be a haven for illegal transactions due to its accessibility and anonymity. While it can hide your IP address without having to spend extra cash and subscriptions, you may end up on a watch list with suspected criminals.

Communicate with your internet service provider

In the event of security threats, you can ask your ISP to change your IP address. But keep in mind that it can be difficult in some countries and therefore some have their own policies and some may ask you to provide good reasons for this change especially if you are given a static IP address. He may be more accommodating and they will grant you your request without much hassle.

Hide your IP address for safe browsing

In fact, hiding your IP address can make your browsing activity more secure. You can better protect yourself from data breaches, identity theft and cyber attacks by getting the services of a reliable VPN provider.

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