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Best Free Google Play Apps of 2022

Rahmani wael
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Google Play is filled with a lot of free and paid apps, so some of the apps may disappear in the store and you can't access them.

Best Free Google Play Apps of 2022

Also, some apps do functions that you never imagined or expected you would need, which is why we have collected the best free apps from Google Play for Android phones.

Wateria app

Wateria app

This app helps you remember when to water your plants, thus solving one of the biggest problems for beginners in plant breeding.

The application reminds you of the times for watering plants on a daily or weekly basis, and you can add more than one plant to follow it.

The app also comes with a different and unique design that allows you to give each plant a different icon and design.

Color By Numbers Oil Painting App

Color By Numbers Oil Painting App

This app offers you hundreds of different drawings for you to color, and it has tons of different categories of drawings.

And unlike other coloring apps, this app tells you the different shades you should use with each part of the image.

And that is through a group of circles that contain numbers and colors below, and when you click on the circle, the part that must be colored with it becomes clear, and then you must click on each part to fill it with this color.

It may sound easy but having a lot of circles and colors makes the app more difficult to use than you might expect.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

This app is the best companion for art and graphics lovers in general, and that's because it helps you to watch famous drawings on your phone.

It allows you to access a high-resolution version of popular graphics so you can zoom in on the image without losing quality.

In addition to the presence of entire art galleries inside it, you can also review the monthly landmarks from different countries and read articles about them through the application.

And if you are standing in front of a famous painting and want to know more information about it, you can point the application’s camera towards it to show you all the details related to this painting.

The app gets a lot of updates periodically, so it has a vast library of different content.


Houzz app

This application allows you to use virtual reality technology to see what new pieces of furniture will look like in your home before you buy them.

In addition, it has a store that allows you to access all the pieces that you view in the application directly.

It also connects a group of engineers and architects to help you renovate your home and use the latest trends in the world of decoration.

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