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Webinar Platforms: Best Software and Equipment for Creators

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Webinar Platforms: Best Software and Equipment for Creators

Webinar Platforms

When I start defining a new business idea, one of the last things I think of is technology. This is horrific to admit, but it is true.

It's fun to stay in the creative phase of the project where you can dream about what it would look like. But over time I've come across the importance of knowing exactly how to create something rather than just knowing the 'what' or the 'why'.

In online entrepreneurship, this often includes some form of video technology. More specifically, hosting webinars.

Why webinars? According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 60% of marketers use webinars in their business. it's huge!

With 60% of companies already using webinars, is the market too saturated for you to host one successfully? Not at all. While more small businesses and creators are seeing the power of hosting tutorials on the web, there is still enough room for you to make an impact with your content.

Since we've already covered the benefits of hosting webinars in previous Tradecraft articles, let's move on to the powerful next steps to actually get started with hosting your event.

Five powerful webinar platforms for testing

Before you start promoting your webinar, it is good to have an idea of ​​where you will be hosting it. You may not have the time to personally test every webinar hosting tool on the market, so we've done some heavy work for you. Below, you'll see some of the pros and cons of each webinar platform so you can choose the one that works best for you.


GoToWebinar was created by the popular GoToMeeting software to help you easily host webinars and web conferences. One of the descriptive slogans is “Turn a presentation into a conversation, and a conversation into a sale.” We absolutely love this approach to webinars.


  • Include polls, surveys, and enough time for questions and answers.
  • Online webinars can be recorded and downloaded in HD quality.
  • Dedicated brand capabilities to keep everything in the brand.
  • Encourage direct interaction with participants through the chat section.
  • Register webinars to make it evergreen.


  • Some users have gone live without warning if they had too many participants.
  • Other users complained that customer support was not always available when they needed help hosting their webinar.
  • Recurring monthly cost instead of being able to purchase the entire instrument.


Starting at $89 per month for up to 100 participants


While Skype and Google Hangouts have become formidable competitors for video calls, Zoom takes the best of the two platforms and combines them with webinar capabilities. We even use this tool for ConvertKit team calls every week and for our webinars. The tool does it all from video conferencing to private meetings, but here's why you might want to use it for webinars.


  • High quality video for great screen sharing on any device.
  • Unlimited meeting time when purchasing the paid Pro plan.
  • Record videos for later use and re-purpose.
  • Widely used by more than 750,000 companies and a recognized tool for many participants.
  • It includes a closed caption for participants who learn in different ways.


  • Participants must download software to view the Zoom call.
  • If you only use the free account, the duration of meetings will be limited to 40 minutes.
  • Event assistance is available, but at an additional cost.


Starting at $54.99 / month / host for up to 100 participants


WebinarJam has become an instant favorite among many online content creators (more than 30,000 of them to be exact), and for good reason. WebinarJam's main goal is to make webinar hosting accessible to everyone and they do this by creating an incredibly easy-to-use interface.


  • You can livestream your webinar on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and more to reach your audience wherever they are already.
  • Webinars are password protected for added exclusivity.
  • Polls, live chats, and virtual whiteboards are all included.
  • Advanced data and analytics on viewers, watch times, and conversions.
  • Invite up to six presenters to facilitate collaborations.


  • WebinarJam does not host your videos on their platform, but rather on your own website.
  • If the registrant leaves a blank field when registering for your webinar, they will have to re-fill their information again.
  • There are no monthly options, so you are limited to a year when purchasing.


One-time payment of $479 for one year or three payments of $189 for one year

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