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Daily Method | How to get free .edu mail and subscribe in Github Student Pack 2022 Trick

GitHub Students Pack And Edu Mail Method 2021-2022
Rahmani wael
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GitHub Students Pack And Edu Mail Method 2021-2022

GitHub Students Pack And Edu Mail Method 2021-2022

Follow This steps To get Edu Mail

College Name - Tyler Junior College
  1. STEP 1: This College Edu gives Github Student Pack without Student ID Card Verification
  2. STEP 2: Use USA IP to Apply to College   USA VPN
  3. STEP 3: College Reply time varies between 24 hours and 72 hours
  4. STEP 4: So You need to be patient and wait for the Edu Email to come
  5. STEP 5:After you receive the confirmation letter from the college then in the confirmation letter you will find something called the A-Number.
  6. STEP 6:Then open the website( in any browser and enter your A-Number in username.
  7. STEP 7:For the password you need to enter TJC followed by MMDDYY.
  8. Here MM = Birth Month DD = Birth Date YY= Last Two Digits of Birth Year
  9. STEP 8: Once you login to the website you will find a opton called 'Email' .
  10. STEP 9: Click on that option and then you will be redirected to Gmail where you can see that you have been logged into the Edu Email.
  11. STEP 10: For getting Github go to and click create account.
  12. STEP 11: In the email section enter the edu email`s username(find it in gmail tab) followed by put your preferred username and password.
  13. STEP 12: Now go to and click 'I am a student' and you will find student application page.
  14. STEP 13:You will find Green Tick next to College Name and when you click Continue/Apply.
  15. STEP 14: You will find that Github Student Pack is directly activated and you can easily use all the benefits of the Pack.

Done .Enjoy

Daily Method | How to get free .edu mail and subscribe in Github Student Pack 2022 Trick

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