Hide IP address via iOS 15 without external apps

How To Hide Your IP adress Via IOS 15 Without External APPS

Hide IP address via iOS 15 without external apps

This is in an attempt to protect the privacy of mobile users and reduce the impact of personalized advertising for users.

This feature does not prevent ads from appearing, but it does make customizing ads a little more difficult.

And the latest iOS 15 update came with the Private Rely feature that completely prevents websites from tracking your IP address.

So it becomes more difficult for sites to provide an ad experience tailored to that address and to track the address across different internet sites.

This feature works exclusively with the Safari browser, so you must use it, as the feature will not work when using Google Chrome, for example.

This feature differs from the usual VPN technologies, where the VPN provides a fictitious digital address.

But sites are still able to track this fake address constantly, while Private Rely prevents sites from tracking the address without providing them with a fake address.

You can activate this feature by following these steps:

Head to the Settings app and then go to Safari settings, and inside it you will find a section called Privacy and Security.

Within the Privacy and Security section, you'll find the option to hide your IP address, which is off by default.

And then click on the feature to activate it, and you can choose between activating it for websites and tracking tools, or activating it with tracking tools only.

Hide IP address via iOS 15

This feature works without the need to subscribe to the new iCloud + service from Apple, as this subscription does not work in some Arab countries.

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