Napster Premium Bin - How to get free napster premium account

Napster Premium Bin method 2022

How to get free napster premium account by using bin napster 2022

Napster Premium Bin

Napster is a set of three music-focused online services. It was founded in 1999 as a pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing Internet software that emphasized sharing digital audio files, typically audio songs, encoded in MP3 format.

You can use our premium Napster bin to get 3 months free subscription. Now enjoy premium account without paying,

We also have other Multifunctional BIN codes here on  Namsogen v6  Which are still working. Also, you can check out our Bin List for BIN codes for popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify ...

Requirements for Bin Napster Premium 

  1. A Premium Napster Bin
  2. A strong VPN (Vypr VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN, HMA VPN)
  3. Good and Stable internet connection
  4. Good internet Browser ' Brave'

How to use Premium napster Bin ?

  1. Make sure to connect on a strong VPN. The VPN server should match the country indicated by the BIN code IP Adress.
  2. Copy BIN and generate CC(credit cards) using this CC Generator tool.
  3. Copy generated CC. It will include the CVV and the expiry date and check for Live ones using this tool.
  4. Copy Live CC and use as a payment method on the service in question.

Premium napster bin

Napster Bin

  • 💳 BIN – 449192000xxxxxxx
  • 📅 EXPIRY : RND
  • 🔐 CCV : RND
  • 🌍 IP : UK

Bin napster premium #2

  • 💳 BIN – 54949011xxxxxxxx
  • 📅 EXPIRY : RND
  • 🔐 CCV : RND
  • 🌍 IP : UK

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